City Park Geocache

Geocaching in City Park with Lucas, Jessie and family

Date: 2012-09-22

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Starting the geocache at the kings castle (+1 more)

Our first clue was at this tree

We decided to follow the bark shavings toward the enchantress (+1 more)

We lost our battle with the enchantres and were carried toward her dungeon

A friendly wizard Belbozz rescued us on the way.

Instead we followed the backup clues to the next location (+1 more)

We braved the dangerous coyotes

Vivian was getting tired

We decided that the divining stones pointed ENE

The clue in the flower beds pointed toward the druids

In the druid cove we searched for a secret tree knot

Bingo! (+1 more)

At the druid cove we had two ways to find the next clue.

After searching the former waterfall for the project tag we gave up and looked for Freckles

Freckles pointed us to the next location

At last we found the sorceress's dungeon

We took the stairs down to the bottom

We fought the dragons with our spell and wands

When they were defeated, the revelaed the next location

After some searching and the tee-tor-tive spell we found the cache (+1 more)

And the cache had the magic walnut!

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