Funny signs in Japan

A collection of funny or interesting signs and poor English that we saw in Japan

Date: 2010-05-17

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An odd logo on the side of a subway train car

The panda is sad because he got caught in the closing doors

Funny sign warning you about the closing doors

Freshness burger. Fresh is good I guess.

If you feed the pigeon it will crap on you and you will cry. If you don't feed the pigeons, they will eat worms.

Don't use your cell phone on the subway or little girls and grandmas will be sad.

Rabbit mochi at the gift shop

Interesting restaurant in Moto-hakone

Interesting restaurant in Moto-hakone

Hello Kitty with the black eggs. Owakudani was a bit touristy.

Construction signs near Gora

Gotemba has the 'scent of natural civilization'

Calorie Mate. If you are just eating to survivie.

McDonalds has the McPork and teh Shaka Shaka chicken

Lake Yamanaka had a dolphin ship too

Creepy elf statue at the bus station in Fujiyoshida

Interesting building with a well marked fire hydrant in the foreground.

Tsukiji warehouse map

Duck mound to memorialize the ducks killed at Hama Rikyu garden

Odd warning sign near museum of emerging science

I think they missed some of the text in the english translation on this sign

Mice for sale in Akihabara

Interesting store near Zojo-ji

A sign depicting the hazards of bringing a bike on the subway

An oddly named store

The menu at Bergamo restaurant

Cow cakes

Instructions at the ramen restaurant

Just in case you were wondering what to do

Sign listing all the stores on confectioner's alley

Helpful signs telling us where the attractions are and even listing Honmaru Goten as closed

Coaster at a pastery shop in Kawagoe

Cafe Colorado is a coffee shop chain in Japan

A department store in Kawagoe had this interesting set of mannequins

An interesting sign at Nijo castle

Your smile is our happiness

Jolly Pasta is a popular chain restaurant

Interesting ad in Kyoto

A sign warning about misbehaving deer

Cup of hot chocholate from a vending machine

Get your fortune. If you don't like it, you tie it to the fence in the previous picture

The bill acceptors and ticket taking machines could accept multiple bills and tickets at once

The mascot for the 1300th anniversary of Nara. Yes, that is a Buddha with antlers

Too many rickshaws?

Interesting sign in the sky garden at Kyoto station. No birds or writting?

The CUBE was a section of Kyoto station

Fashion for your leg

Just in case you want anything

Badboy Kulture. The text below is 'Death or Glory'

Everything is $1

Be cool with hip hop style

Bikes parked in front of the Prada

Umbrella lockable storeage at the MOCA

Warning sign at the entrance to Senjokaku


It is important to maintain quiet even if you are stuck on a ropeway

A sign to warn about the no-show monkeys

7 & i Holdings, so that you can grab a snack and some stocks all at once. 7 & i Holdings is the parent company of 7 eleven

A combo tea pot and humidifier. The tea pot was slow, we didn't try the humidifier

The standard motel alarm clock was very easy to use. The standard motel air conditioner was very difficult

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