Halloween Party

We hosted a Halloween party at our house. Bill did a lot of decorating and everyone dressed up. Bill, Dylan, Irene and I dressed as The Endless

Date: 2005-10-31

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Just a warning: _Somebody_ took too many Dream pictures. (+2 more)

Destiny and Dream. Yes, I do have 'bed head'.

Dream, Death, and Destiny: The three eldest of The Endless from 'The Sandman' comics.

A nice country girl with her mullet-wearing, red-necked, vampire husband.

The nice red-neck vampire with his 'blood shine'. 150 Proof! While we knew vampires left no reflections, who knew that vampires took bad pictures, too!

Soembody came as a baby. How cute! (This is Greg and Linda's newborn, Devon.)

Death, Dream, and Pirate Doug are drinking and snacking before the games get started.

Samurai, Destiny, and Harry Potter laughing it up. The grocery list on the refrigerator was a hidden joke (it had 'Eye of Newt', 'Wing of Bat', and other odd ingredients).

We had a knight of old AND a samurai. You could cut the tension with a broadsword +5.

We've got the crew trying to figure out what characters are listed on their back. Also, Allison is eating TWO deviled pumpkins since I told everybody to take two.

Mr. Jones and Harry Potter are checking out the food table. Yum!

A bunch of cuties! Ingrid, Linda, and Devon are resting between games.

Well... this gets the embarassing picture out of the way.

Dream is setting up the next game of 'Death'. The flash on these pictures ruins the incredibly dark and candlelit environment I created. You should have been there!

The murdering is about to begin.

Death and Dream trying to dance. Edna Mode from _The_Incredibles_ was correct: 'No capes!' (+2 more)

Indiana Jones, Jr. and the Mummy Wife. This is their first dance!

Destiny and Bill showing off their dancing skills.

Here is Knight Ian with Lady Ingrid. (+1 more)

Death has a symbol of her power surrounding her eye. Irene did an awesome job of drawing this on herself.

Urghan the dwarf fighter. Gotta love the antlered helmet and gigantic sward. Much of the armor was custom made by Dylan.

Dream can grant you any boon that he can fulfill. Except for keeping his eyes open during a picutre.

Harry Potter with his Gryffindor scarf, wand, and thick glasses.

Samurai Steve. His blade was a real samurai sword. Fun, fun!

This is Destiny with his book of everybody's destiny. Destiny is chained to his book and the book is sealed. The book carefully hand-crafted by Chad himself.

Allison. What a punk!

Urghan, Dream, and Death relaxing in the kitchen. (+1 more)

Dream and Death kickin' it up! Ignore the boots.

Dream and Urghan. Notice the nice hand-made boots on Urghan.

Allison, Steve, and Thomas are still trying to figure out what characters are listed on their backs.

Here's Death with her awesome spider tatoo. Of course during charades, we learned that you can't point to your shoulder and have that mean 'spider'.

Here is the food table. 15 Spiders: There were three on the light fixture.

Looking up to the second floor. That black mess is Dream's wig.

15 Spiders: There was one hanging off of the 'Thing 2' tombstone.

There was very little decoration outside. There were some bats flying across the windows on the second story.

There was a lightning and thunder machine in the bathroom that went off when it sensed motion. What a great laugh! Also, there was another bloody handprint on the glass here.

15 Spiders: There were two on the bannister and one on the candleabra.

Shadow the Chinchilla needed his rest, so these rooms were off limit.

Here is the 'Boy Band' tombstone that nobody saw. (Some days you need 4 bathrooms at hand, other days you only need one.)

The little sign says 'In case of vampire, break glass.'

The tilted pictures were bothersome for a few... mostly because they want them all to be level! 15 Spiders: There is one to the right of the gold-leaf art.

15 Spiders: Although impossible to see now, there is one in the jade boat and one in the plant.

Looking down into the basement. Target had a sweet light painted black with yellow stars and moons. Perfect for a stairwell.

A black light, some more tombstones, and the piano occasionally played some evil organ music.

Here was the basement food. There was another spider hanging off the tombstone and there were a few on the table.

15 Spiders: Another one on the tree candle holder.

This was the movie room (although there was no time to watch movies). The whole basement was wallpapered in black.

I don't think anybody used this bathroom. If they had looked in the mirror, they would have seem 'MURDER' written behind them!

Here was a bloody handprint on the mirror in the bathroom that nobody used.

Looking up the stairs from the basement. 15 Spiders: There were two or three spiders hanging from the tombstones here.

There were 15 spiders scattered around the house which was a trivia question. One was on this picture in the center of the moon.

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