Home in San Carlos

We bought a home in San Carlos, Mexico. It is a ranch style on the golf course and about 1/2 mile from the beach.

Date: 2006-08-01

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Street map of San Carlos (+5 more)

Front of the house. This is looking South. The little green thing in front is supposed to be a golf club and it says Vicam (+2 more)

Front left of the house, showing the two car carport. The satellite dish will be removed.

Left side of the house. Can see a Norfolk pine and two ficus trees.

Back of the house. You can see the gas tank for the stove and hot water heater. You can also see the storage area. (+6 more)

Right side of the back of the house. The tree in the foreground is on the next lot.

SW side of house. Small white structure is the utility box. Note the cactus by the house (+1 more)

After coming in the front door, you take a right into the dining/living area. Furniture included. We will probably convert the fireplace to gas. (+2 more)

Dining room is a bit to the left of the living area, mostly open. To the left is the office. (+1 more)

This is the + bedroom or office looking from the laundry room. This is just behind the dining room and to the right is the + bath.

Kitchen with bar. Appliances are included. Laundry room to the right

Laundry room

Looking from the living room past the front door on to the bedrooms

Guest bath

Second bedroom. (+2 more)

Master bedroom. Bed and lamp included. (+3 more)

Looking out the living room window past the next door lot to the mountains (+7 more)

The fountain in the front yard (+2 more)

View from front yard (+1 more)

View from back deck (+1 more)

3D floorplan looking at the front of the house (+3 more)

View of the SW mountains from the roof deck (+3 more)

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