Kyoto and Hiroshima

After leaving Tokyo, we went to Kyoto with a day trip to Nara and to Hiroshima with a day trip to Miyajima

Date: 2010-05-26

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130 pictures

Shinkansen Nozomi 700 train that we took from Tokyo to Kyoto (+5 more)

Scenery from train near Numazu (+4 more)

Scenery from train near Numazu (+14 more)

A school tour group waiting at Kyoto station

The bathroom at the New Miyako hotel in Kyoto (+1 more)

Street in Arashyama (+1 more)

Our tofu based meal at Sagano restaurant (+3 more)

Buddha statues at Sagano restaurant (+3 more)

The bamboo forest at Arashyama (+1 more)

A cemetary in Arashyama

The bamboo forest at Arashyama (+3 more)

Vending machines at the New Miyako hotel (+2 more)

The entrance to Nijo castle (+3 more)

Courtyard and gate at Nijo castle (+1 more)

One of the many school tour groups

Central houses at Nijo castle (+3 more)

Close-up on the nightingale floor (+1 more)

William at the garden in Nijo castle (+2 more)

Sculpted trees at Nijo castle (+1 more)

Chad by the gate at Nijo castle (+3 more)

Interesting trees lined the streets in Kyoto (+2 more)

Jolly Pasta is a popular chain restaurant

Kanji for fire. Burned in a yearly festival to protect against fires.

The golden pavilion at Kinkakuji temple (+6 more)

School tour goup with yellow hats (+2 more)

The golden pavilion at Kinkakuji temple (+1 more)

Souvenir shop at Kinkaku-ji

Another sprouting roof at Kinkaku-ji (+1 more)

Elderly woman raking the dirt path (+3 more)

Gardens at Kinkaku-ji (+1 more)

Entrance to Kyoto imperial palace

A very new cypress roof at the Kyoto imperial palace (+3 more)

Screen paintings at the Kyoto imperial palace (+3 more)

Gate to the coronation grounds at the Kyoto imperial palace (+2 more)

The Kyoto imperial palace

Bridge at the Kyoto imperial palace

Gardens at the Kyoto imperial palace (+3 more)

Driving through Kyoto near the cleaned up Kamo-gawa river (+1 more)

Lunch at the handicraft center buffet

Pagoda in Kyoto

The symbol on that car means that the driver is elderly (+1 more)

Modern building designed to look like a pagoda (+1 more)

Our tour guide feeding the deer at Nara park. The deer would bob their heads to get the treat (+3 more)

Deer at Nara park

Curious deer at Nara park

Statue at the entrance to Todai-ji (+1 more)

The main gate from inside the Todai-ji complex (+3 more)

A view of the main building at Todai-ji. The largest wooden building in the world. (+3 more)

Creepy Buddha statue (+1 more)

The bronze Buddha statue at Todai-ji. The largest bronze statue in Japan. (+2 more)

Another statue, to the left of the main Buddha (+1 more)

Statue of a guardian god (+2 more)

Replica of the original complex. The building has been rebuilt twice (+1 more)

School children were squeezing through this hole which is the size of the Buddha's nostril. The reward is either enlightenment in your next life or a place in paradise.

Crowds and the entrance gate at Todai-ji (+1 more)

Statue at Todai-ji

Tree in Nara park (+3 more)

William feeding the deer in Nara park. Vendors sold crackers (+3 more)

Sake casks at Kasuga shrine

Lanterns at Kasuga shrine (+4 more)

More deer at Kasuga shrine. This one has been tagged for tracking

Entrance gate to Kasuga shrine (+4 more)

Interesting buildings on the way back from Nara (+2 more)

A view of Kyoto tower from the Kyo-ichi restaurant

The mascot for the 1300th anniversary of Nara. Yes, that is a Buddha with antlers

Chad in the sleeping capsule at 9h (+6 more)

Breakfast at a coffee shop in Kyoto

Interesting architecture at Kyoto station (+2 more)

Interesting architecture at Kyoto station (+3 more)

Astro boy statue at Kyoto station

The main entrance at Kyoto station (+1 more)

Sculpture in Kyoto station (+2 more)

The skyway across the top of Kyoto station (+1 more)

Kyoto tower from Kyoto station (+5 more)

The CUBE was a section of Kyoto station (+2 more)

Bancha ice cream and hotdog on a stick (+1 more)

Baseball stadium in Hiroshima

Our room at Hotel Chisun in Hiroshima (+2 more)

The streetcars in Hiroshima

A-bomb dome (+3 more)

A marker for the hypocenter in Hiroshima (+2 more)

Children's memorial at peace park

Memorial with coffin containing the names of all those killed and the flame of peace at peace park in Hiroshima (+3 more)

Peace memorial museum in Hiroshima (+1 more)

Watch stopped at 8:15 at Peace Memorial museum

Letter from Einstein to Truman at Peace Memorial museum (+1 more)

Post bomb view of central Hiroshima (+4 more)

Description of the extent of damage at Peace Memorial museum (+2 more)

Wall with streaks of black rain that contained radioactive dust (+1 more)

Ceremony in peace park (+2 more)

Peace memorial hall fountain

Peace memorial hall. Each tile on the wall represents one person killed by the bomb

Art created with origami cranes at the Children's memorial (+3 more)

Oyster okonomiyaki

Shopping and tourist district near peace park in Hiroshima (+7 more)

Book store with a Harlequin section (+1 more)

Main street in downtown Hiroshima

A sculpture at the museum of contemporary art (+3 more)

Umbrella lockable storeage at the MOCA

Japan-Hiroshima-067.JPG (+4 more)

Interesting spiral staircase in a spiral staircase at the MOCA

Japan-Hiroshima-071.JPG (+2 more)

Japan-Hiroshima-073.JPG (+6 more)

Hiroshima port building (+2 more)

Hiroshima port from our ferry (+7 more)

Lady in a traditional outfit at Miyajima

William and a residential deer at Miyajima (+2 more)

Stone lantern at Itsukushima-jinja (+2 more)

Famous torii gate at Itsukushima-jinja (+3 more)

Itsukushima-jinja which appears to float on the water at high tide

Chad in front of the torii gate at Itsukushima-jinja. The gate being in the water means that the whole island is holy

Cypress roof at the Itsukushima-jinja shrine

Senjokaku. The hall of 1000 tatami. Space is often measured in the number of tatami mats which are 3x6 (+2 more)

One of the shops was selling large wooden statues

River on the way toward the Misen-san ropeway (+1 more)

Ropeway up Misen-san (+2 more)

View of the inland sea from the ropeway (+2 more)

Oyster farming on the inland sea seen from the ropeway

The observation point on Misen-san (+2 more)

The observation point had these sight guides to tell you what different islands are (+1 more)

The 1200 year old fire at Kiezu-no-Reikado. Water was boiling in the pot. It is supposed to cure all your ills.

Kiezu-no-Reikado. Most of the way up Mt Misen from the ropeway.

The trail between the ropeway and Mt Misen (+3 more)

The five story pagoda near Senjokaku (+1 more)

The Itsukushima-jinja shrine near low tide (+3 more)

Our ferry back to Hiroshima port (+1 more)

The street that our hotel is on with a streetcar (+1 more)

We had dinner at a sushi place. We had the sushi sampler

Williams desert was a many layer sunday (+1 more)

The standard motel alarm clock was very easy to use. The standard motel air conditioner was very difficult (+1 more)

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