Mexico Trip

Trip to San Carlos and New Mexico.

Date: 2015-04-27

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20 pictures

Landscaping at 329 Vicam (+5 more)

Woodpeckers (+2 more)

Dolphins (+6 more)

Estuary (+3 more)

Bill swiming

Algodones beach (+2 more)

Seagulls gathered around to see if we had food

Very Large Array - Radio Sundial (+2 more)

Very Large Array - Bill at the acoustic mirror (+1 more)

Very Large Array (+3 more)

Very Large Array - Maintanence hanger (+2 more)

Santa Fe - Oldest House

Santa Fe - Loretto chapel

Santa Fe - St Francis of Assisi Cathedral

Santa Fe - Dinosaurs (+2 more)

Taos Pueblo - Bill by the adobe oven (+3 more)

Taos Pueblo - San Geronimo church (+1 more)

Taos Pueblo (+4 more)

Rio Grande gorge bridge (+3 more)

Rio Grande gorge bridge

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