New Zealand

We went to New Zealand and Austrailia right after the election

Date: 2004-12-01

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Motel room - The Alpers lodge (+1 more)

Gated house near Mt Eden (+2 more)

Nice community near Mt. Eden. Rose trees and trimmed hedge.

View downward while climbing Mt. Eden. (+1 more)

Rose tree in Mt. Eden garden

Blue flower bush amongst the rocks in Mt. Eden garden (+4 more)

View toward a second volcano through the trees while climbing Mt. Eden

Exposed volcanic rock, surrounded by trees in Mt. Eden garden (+1 more)

Strange evergreen tree with bare branches. Tree was common in Auckland. (+4 more)

Small bird in Mt. Eden garden (1/2) (+1 more)

Auckland street - Where we ate supper

Small volcanic island in Haukari bay from Gulf Harbor (1/2) (+10 more)

Kelly Tarlton - Penguins (1/18) (+4 more)

Kelly Tarlton - Penguins (10/18) Close-up of nearest baby. Face visible (+10 more)

Kelly Tarlton - Penguins (17/18) Two king penguins showing off (+1 more)

Kelly Tarlton - Fish with exposed white teeth. Head on (+1 more)

Kelly Tarlton - Large (four foot) crabs (3/3) (+2 more)

Kelly Tarlton - Eel, viewed from the underwater tunnel (2/3) (+9 more)

Kelly Tarlton - shrimp tank

Auckland Domain - Rear of the war museum

Auckland Domain - Closeup of white flower on a Hibiscus? Tree. (+2 more)

Auckland Domain - Winter garden. A red and purple, downward hanging flower (+7 more)

Auckland Domain - Winter garden. Wide angle shot of the right side (+3 more)

Auckland Domain - Winter garden. Closeup of the dark purple hanging plant (+2 more)

Auckland Domain - Reflecting pool near the winter garden. (+5 more)

Auckland Domain - Two ducks in a Chinese pond. (+1 more)

Sign pointing out the ˘Hemp store÷ on Queen street (+4 more)

Auckland war memorial - Front. (+3 more)

Auckland war memorial - A coastal and river fishing and transportation boat used by the Maori. (+3 more)

Auckland war memorial - Chad in front of a carved Maori food storage hut (keeps the rodents out)

Auckland war memorial - Stuffed Kiwi. (+7 more)

Auckland war memorial - A scene setup to show a bird being scared from the bush. (+1 more)

Auckland war memorial - A kiwi in its natural habitat of forest debris. (+4 more)

Auckland war memorial - A large seashell with an impressive pattern (+3 more)

Auckland war memorial - Chad in front of the largest species of Moa (+1 more)

Auckland war memorial - A Japanese Zero fighter from WWII (above) (+2 more)

Auckland war memorial - A fern created with a light shown through a mask and projected on the floor. One of several that we saw. (+2 more)

Auckland war memorial - A Maori war canoe Built from one Kauri log.

Auckland war memorial - Maori meeting house. (+3 more)

Auckland Centennial Memorial Park - A frame and the view through it for creating your own post cards. (+13 more)

Bill in front of the Auckland Centennial Memorial Park Center (+7 more)

Auckland Centennial Memorial Park Center - Tree crickets (1/2) (+3 more)

Whatipu beach - Strip of beach between trapped water and ocean (+12 more)

Whatipu beach - The shells attached to the rock (+5 more)

Whatipu beach - Sparkling sand and Bill and Chad's feet (+7 more)

Whatipu beach - View between two outcroppings toward bay (+6 more)

Zorb spheres on the hill (+1 more)

Agrodome - Farm tour - Feeding the cows (3/3) (+4 more)

Agrodome - Farm tour - Sheep dog

Agrodome - Farm tour - Emu by himself

Agrodome - Farm tour - Sheep closeup (+6 more)

Agrodome - Farm tour - Chad feeding the deer and black sheep (+4 more)

Agrodome - Farm tour - Emu hogging the food (2/2) (+5 more)

Agrodome - Farm tour - Tourist feeding the alpaca (+3 more)

Agrodome - Farm tour - Olive trees in the front and the kiwi grove in the back (+6 more)

Agrodome - Farm tour - Longhorn cows

Agrodome - Sheep show - Bill petting a sheep

Agrodome - Sheep show - All the sheep are loaded. The helper is visible on the right (+12 more)

Agrodome - Sheep show - Shearing a sheep. Before. (+3 more)

Agrodome - Sheep show - Herding ducks (2/2) (+1 more)

Agrodome - Sheep show - Closeup of the sheep dogs standing on the sheep (+4 more)

Agrodome - Sheep show - Bill feeding the baby lamb. (+1 more)

Agrodome - Sheep dogs getting out maneuvered by the sheep. (+4 more)

Agrodome - Working carding machine. (+2 more)

Formal Baths - Large black and white bird is drying off. (+3 more)

Formal Baths - Wide angle shot of the museum (+3 more)

Formal Baths - A Maori statue behind a new flower bed (+5 more)

Formal Baths - Closeup of a pink rose (+3 more)

Lake Rotorua - Closeup of a black swan (+6 more)

Lake Rotorua - The volcanic dome island (+3 more)

Maori Cultural Center - Food storage hut (+2 more)

Maori Cultural Center - A woman striping Flex (+2 more)

Maori Cultural Center - The only geyser that we saw. It erupted almost constantly (+3 more)

Maori Cultural Center - Mineral flats right below the geyser (+5 more)

Maori Cultural Center - The geyser (+1 more)

Maori Cultural Center - Wide angle of the geyser from below the mineral flats (+4 more)

Maori Cultural Center - Mid-day performance in the meeting hall (1/3) (+2 more)

Maori Cultural Center - Wood working school. Course work on a statue (+5 more)

Maori Cultural Center - Warm rock bench (+1 more)

Maori Cultural Center - Small mud pool (1/4) (+3 more)

Maori Cultural Center - Warriors greeting at the evening cultural program (+5 more)

Maori Cultural Center - Warrior demonstrating the spear-like weapon (+1 more)

Maori Cultural Center - White ball dance (2/4) (+5 more)

Maori Cultural Center - Stick throwing in a line (+4 more)

Maori Cultural Center - The hangi preparation for the meal at the evening performance

Driving to Waitomo. Tree lined road (2/2) (+3 more)

Black Water Rafting - Our tour group in wet suits (+3 more)

Black Water Rafting - Chad repelling into the cave (3/3) (+2 more)

Black Water Rafting - Bill repelling into the cave (2/7) (+6 more)

Waitomo Caves B&B - Scene from the second window after caving (+4 more)

Wind wand (+3 more)

Wind wand from the base

Christmas tree (+2 more)

Cricket game at the park

Waterfall stage three (+3 more)

Decorative boat on the lake (+4 more)

Chad and Bill by a Ginko tree

Closeup of the swans in the lake (+7 more)

Wind wand at night (2/8) (+7 more)

Raukuri Natural Tunnel - A natural cave entrance by a pond (+5 more)

Raukuri Natural Tunnel - Dense vegetation with moss growing on trees (+4 more)

Raukuri Natural Tunnel - A cave entrance with water flowing below (+8 more)

Raukuri Natural Tunnel - Bill on the bridge (+3 more)

Raukuri Natural Tunnel - The river running beside a limestone cliff (+3 more)

Bill and Chad petting an Angora rabbit (1/2)

Angora rabbit on the floor (+4 more)

Start of the rabbit shearing (+1 more)

Driving into Wellington, harbor and city in the distance (+2 more)

Kapiti Island from mainland, south side (+2 more)

Kapiti Island - Weka bird in the underbrush (+5 more)

Kapiti Island - The path went through some fallen trees (+2 more)

Kapiti Island - View facing south from the highest point (+7 more)

Kapiti Island - Weka that was chased away from the food (+3 more)

Kapiti Island - Large bird prying bark and wood from a dead branch looking for insects (3/4) (+4 more)

Kapiti Island - The river rock like beach where we boarded the boat to get back (+3 more)

Te Papa national museum from the front. The harbor is right behind the museum (+1 more)

The sheep for the shearing display at Te Papa (+1 more)

The windmill from a distance (+2 more)

Closeup of the city and harbor from the windmill (+7 more)

Circular Quay - Closeup of the harbor bridge (+4 more)

The Rocks - Memorial for the first people to migrate to Australia. It showed the settlers (pictured), the convicts and the soldiers (+2 more)

The Rocks - Sydney opera house closeup (+4 more)

Ferry to Taronga Zoo - Harbor bridge (+5 more)

Taronga Zoo - Koala in the tree looking out, maybe sleeping (1/3) (+5 more)

Taronga Zoo - Koala starting to walk toward us (+2 more)

Taronga Zoo - Blue penguins being fed (+5 more)

Taronga Zoo - Seal show (+2 more)

Taronga Zoo - Seal show. Fish is flying toward the seal (+4 more)

Taronga Zoo - Large gray bird with red head. Head up (+1 more)

Taronga Zoo - Giraffe chewing on a twig. (2/3) (+2 more)

Taronga Zoo - Bird show - Large gray bird walking around the stage (+2 more)

Taronga Zoo - Bird show - Egg breaking eagle after flying in (+2 more)

Taronga Zoo - Bird show - The owl is ready to go back (+5 more)

Taronga Zoo - Bird show - Very large eagle being held by the handler, side shot (+2 more)

Taronga Zoo - Bird show - Another eagle on the branch (+3 more)

Taronga Zoo - Bird show - The cockatoo (+2 more)

Taronga Zoo - Sleeping Tasmanian devil. (+3 more)

Taronga Zoo - Pigeon in the tropical enclosure (+2 more)

Taronga Zoo - Berry eating bird with a small berry in his mouth (+3 more)

Taronga Zoo - Closeup of the kangaroo on the path (2/2) (+9 more)

Chinese garden - The welcoming lizard. (+2 more)

Chinese garden - Central lake (wide angle) (+3 more)

Chinese garden - Closeup of a blue flower (+3 more)

Chinese garden - Central lake through the circular gate (+3 more)

Chinese garden - Sleeping Buddha with mice (+3 more)

Chinese garden - Bonsai - Two trees on a mossy rock (+4 more)

Powerhouse - Dancing robot with a disco ball (flash) (+2 more)

QVB - Queen Victoria statue at the entrance (next to the statue of her dog)

QVB - The Australian clock in front of the Christmas tree (+3 more)

NSW Art Museum - A geometric sculpture made out of a collection of smaller objects (+4 more)

NSW Art Museum - New Reality by Peter Upward which had very thick paint (+4 more)

NSW Art Museum - Old Woman in Bed by Ron Mueck. The size of a baby (closeup) (+1 more)

St. Mary's cathedral (+2 more)

Large bird in Hyde park (+2 more)

Aquarium - Platypus, front view (+9 more)

Aquarium - Seal darting by a window. The seal would swim by and do a couple spins by the window (+9 more)

Aquarium - Nice coral display with painted background (+6 more)

Aquarium - A sign above the crocodile enclosure (+2 more)

Harbor Cruise - The ship (+3 more)

Harbor Cruise - Amusement park entrance (+9 more)

Bondi beach (2/2) (+4 more)

Spiral fountain at Darling Harbor (2/2) (+1 more)

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