San Carlos 2006

We took a couple of trips to San Carlos, Mexico this summer.

Date: 2006-07-01

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14 pictures

Looking out the window out our hotel. The tree is a ficus. (+3 more)

View from the restaurant at the hotel. (+2 more)

Neighborhood on a hill that overlooks the main part of San Carlos. Nice view of ocean. (+11 more)

Closeup of Isla La Raza (+7 more)

One of two churches in town (that we saw).

Pelicans. There were lots of pelicans, they mostly circled the bay with an occasional dive for fish. (+4 more)

The beach at Paradiso Hotel (+2 more)

La Palapa from the water (+2 more)

On the road into town

A lizard at the estuary (+5 more)

The estuary (+4 more)

Large crab. (+3 more)

Closeup of the mountains. Much greener this month.

The beach was deserted (as always). (+4 more)

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