San Carlos 2008

Trip to San Carlos with Bill's Parents

Date: 2008-06-14

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16 pictures

Jesus statue (+2 more)

Living room (+2 more)

Estuary Beach (+6 more)

Front yard (+5 more)

Palapas Beach (+3 more)

Algodonas Beach (+6 more)

Antelope Jackrabbit (+3 more)

Tetas de Cabra covered by clouds

Crab at the Estuary (+4 more)

Bill and LaVera playing in the ocean (+4 more)

Rosa's Cantina (+1 more)

LaVera Bill Simms Bill and Chad at the Paradiso Beach (+3 more)

Tree shaped as a Bridhouse (+1 more)

LaVera and Bill Simms at the house (+4 more)

Catholic Church (+1 more)

Blimp in the sky over Arizona

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