San Carlos and White Sands

March 2017 in San Carlos with a stop at White Sands on the way back.

Date: 2017-03-03

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24 pictures

SanCarlos-02.JPG (+1 more)

Estuary - Low tide

Nacapule Canyon - Palms (+3 more)

Tetekawi hike (+6 more)

Tetekawi hike - Bill on the steep path (+2 more)

Tetekawi hike - Overview of the town from the top (+5 more)

Tetekawi hike - The last bit requires equipment (+2 more)

Tetekawi hike - Bill and Chad at the top (+4 more)

Tetekawi hike - Looking back toward the car (+3 more)

Sunset at the estuary (+6 more)

Sunset at the estuary

Picking up trash (+1 more)

Bill at Chihuahua's restaurant

Golf course - Horse grazing on the flowers planted in the median (+7 more)

329 Vicam (+7 more)

Golf course - The neighbor's peacock (+2 more)

White sands missile range (+2 more)

White Sands - Driving in. Looked like snow (+1 more)

White Sands - Sand angel (+1 more)

White Sands - Parking area (+2 more)

White Sands - Hike map (+1 more)

White Sands (+1 more)

White Sands - Only a few other people at the end of the hike (+2 more)

White Sands - Cactus growing up through the sand (+1 more)

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