Semana Santa

Trip to San Carlos for Semana Santa

Date: 2012-04-07

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15 pictures

Sign for a drive through coffee shop in Hermosillo (+1 more)

Seaguls and pelicans on a sand bar (+2 more)

Bill at the edge of the sand bar (+3 more)

Pelican which was following a family like a dog

A few people at Algodones beach (+3 more)

Sun behind a palm tree at the estuary condos

The estuary beach was busy (+2 more)

Tthe crowd on the sidewalk from a rise. There were police everywhere. (+1 more)

Snack at the Soggy Peso bar. They have great shrimp quesadillas and pina coladas.

The steet party is getting started near dusk. (+1 more)

Dancers at another liquor store. (+1 more)

There was a gay pride section (+1 more)

The convinience stores only let in a few people at a time so there were long lines.

The two white pickup trucks were carrying a full band. The police weren't pleased.

A lizard found its way into our bedroom (+1 more)

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