Tarah Wedding

Tarah Owens marries Tim Bartlett in Derby KS. Download all photos (76 M)

Date: 2008-10-18

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25 pictures

Socializing at the rehersal

Bill working with the wedding planners

Tarah holding the practice bouquet

Wedding rehearsal (+1 more)

Kim and Kiani practicing candle lighting (+1 more)

Moms practicing the candle lighting

Tarah and Steve walking down the aisle

Wedding decorations (+1 more)

Place settings

Tarah and her grandparents

Tarah and her parents

Tracy Kevin Hannah and Adam

Brenda and kids (+1 more)

Tracy Bill Sandy and Brenda

Bill and Chad

Kim and Kiani lighting the candles

The photographer with her assistant

Tim and Tarah reciting their vows (+2 more)

Tarah putting on Tim's ring

The kiss

Tim and Tarah Bartlett

Tim and Tarah after the wedding

Tavion caught the garter and was talked into wearing it

Hannah resting on Tarah's gown (+4 more)

Tarah and Tim leave and are showered with bubbles (+3 more)

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