Pictures from our trip to Vancouver BC, Canada

Date: 2005-08-01

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Vancouver-005.JPG (+1 more)

Lotus flower at the garden in Chinatown

View across the lake at the garden in Chinatown (+3 more)

A frog on the lilly pad (+3 more)

Vancouver-025.JPG (+3 more)

The steam engine powering the steam clock. (+1 more)

Some funny graffiti.

Geodesic dome at Science World

Science world had lots and lots of informative displays (+7 more)

The mindball game used biofeedback to move a ball

The winner is the person who gets the ball to the oppenent's side (+2 more)

On the ferry ride from Science world to Granville Island. Looking toward downtown (+3 more)

We took a walk from Granville island to Vanier Park.

The seaplane that we took to Victoria (+4 more)

The British Columbia government building (+1 more)

The converted quarry at Butchard Gardens (+4 more)

Pretty, small, blue flower (+11 more)

Mirror in the rose garden (+1 more)

The Itallian garden (+4 more)

The fern garden, with waterfall (+5 more)

Traditional Japaneese rock garden (+2 more)

Vancouver-101.JPG (+1 more)

Vancouver-116.JPG (+5 more)

We took the ferry back from Victoria to Vancouver.

Canada Place. This is where all the tour ships dock. (+5 more)

A couple of floating gas stations (+2 more)

A fountain at Canada Place.

The lobby of the Maritime building (+3 more)

Downtown Vancouver (+2 more)

Totems at Stanley park (+1 more)

Looking back toward Canada Place from Stanley park (+3 more)

The Maiden sculpture at Stanly Park (+4 more)

Someone had pilled up lots of stones. (+2 more)

Stanley park aquarium (+7 more)

Vancouver-167.JPG (+7 more)

Vancouver-173.JPG (+2 more)

Vancouver-174.JPG (+2 more)

Stanley park aquarium: jellyfish (+2 more)

Stanley park aquarium: beluga whale (+3 more)

Vancouver-186.JPG (+3 more)

Gondola to Grouse Mountain (+4 more)

Grouse Mountain: View on gondola ride (+9 more)

Grouse Mountain: Very large wood carvings (+3 more)

Grouse Mountain: Wolf (+2 more)

Grouse Mountain: Lake and cultural center (+1 more)

Grouse Mountain: Closeup of falcon (+7 more)

Grouse Mountain: Owl at bird show (+4 more)

Grouse Mountain: Falcon getting ready to take off (+5 more)

Vancouver-233.JPG (+3 more)

Grouse Mountain: Lumberjack show

At the base of grouse mountain. A reservoir of drinking water for the city (+4 more)

Mango cake at the Chinese bakery

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