I have started a new project for the Touch table called Yacht. It is a public domain version of Yatzee. To take advantage of the multi touch screen, and to make the game faster, I am doing a “shared-dice”¬†variant¬†where all the players share the same die rolls. As a player locks/selects dice, they no longer use the shared roll of those die.

It is going to be eight player with each person having a score and dice region.

I am trying to pick a simple game in order to learn the Torque 2D scripting and game builder. The Hansa Teutonica project used Torque 2D as well, but William is handling all of the script and GUI parts. He has been using Torque for years and is going to help me learn the scripting sytems. He is also going to build the graphics that the game will use.

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