Trip to Cape May and Philadelphia

I took a trip to Cape May New Jersey and Philadelphia with my parents and my brother’s family. Like our trip to Montreal last summer, the primary purpose of the trip was to spend time with family. We stayed in two AirBnB houses, had some time on the beaches and saw some sites in Philadelphia.

Follow this link to see the rest of the photos.We started the trip by meeting in Cape May where we stayed on the bay side – about 20 minutes from town and the ocean. The house was nice and the neighborhood was quiet. We spent a lot of time at the beaches – we were within walking distance of the bay side beach and we drove over to the ocean a couple times.  Except for the mosquitoes the location was perfect.

After a few days in NJ we packed up and moved to downtown Philadelphia. Again, we had a whole apartment to ourselves so we were able to spread out and eat meals in.

Our first tourist stop was the battleship New Jersey. In the 40s my grandfather was supervisor of a team of mechanics and engineers who built parts of the ship. I was surprised by how few visitors were at the battleship (it was a weekday). Sometimes it felt like we had the whole ship to ourselves. It was also interesting to see some of the technology (80’s era) used on the ship.

We also went to the Aquarium, Please Touch Museum, and Reading Terminal Market. The Please Touch is a wonderland for young kids. At the Reading market we sampled a cheese steak and a wide variety of desserts.

On our final full day in Philadelphia we went to the art museum and the Barnes. The art museum had some interesting galleries setup to resemble the rooms the art was originally designed for:

At the Barnes we took an after-hours tour. The tour was very informative, but didn’t cover the whole museum. It did cover the most famous works and it was interesting to see how the art was displayed:

Overall it was a fun trip. We did a good amount of “touring” and also had lots of time with family.  The kids had grown up a lot since last summer and it was good to get to know them again.

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