Redwoods and Coastlines

We took a trip to Northern California to see the redwoods. We drove out through Salt Lake City and spent two weeks exploring the Redwoods State parks and the beaches at the very north end of California. We mostly camped in the car, but there were a couple nights in a tent on the beach and a few night inside.

It is a beautiful area – wet and lush with mosses and mushrooms everywhere. The redwoods are stunningly huge trees that change the whole ecosystem around them and create a unique environment. The coast there is rugged and dramatic with lots of beaches and rocks in the water.

While we were there it rained a lot and we got wet a few times, but it also made for pretty fog and low clouds. On one night car camping in the forest, it was so dark that we literally could not see our hands in front of our face or the outlines of the trees against the sky. The moon hadn’t risen yet, the clouds were thick and the trees were tall and dense and it was pitch black. You couldn’t tell if your eyes were open or closed.

It was a really good trip and we took a ton of pictures. I’ve finally sorted through them and posted a gallery here.

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