Violin Recital 3

Last night I had my third violin recital. We hosted the recital at our house, and Bill and I played the sonata in F for violin and piano by Mozart. We had both practiced the song for many hours, but we were still nervous when it was our turn to play. The recital went well enough, but I wish I could play in front of people as well as I do alone.

It was also fun to see all the students again and to see their progress since the last recital.

The recital was fairly informal and the teacher played along with the less experienced students. There were eight students performing; three were adults, four had been playing for less than a year. Between the performers and their families, there were 33 people in attendance. There wasn’t quite enough room for everyone in the living room and the kids were getting a bit squirmy after nearly two hours of recital, but the atmosphere was very supportive and friendly.

I’d spent approximately 12 weeks and 140 hours practicing this particular piece. The last two weeks didn’t improve the sound much, but did improve the coordination between the piano and violin and made it easier to recover from mistakes. 

I started taking lessons in September of 2009 and have been playing for four and a half years. The rate that I am improving has slowed down a lot. I can see the improvement between my first, second and third recitals, but it isn’t nearly as noticeable as the improvement was at the beginning.

We took several videos of our practice sessions so that we could listen to ourselves play and get the volume of the piano right. Here is our last session before the recital:

If my website is too slow to stream this video, you can listen to just the sound:

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