Touch table Azul and Medici card game

I made two small games for the touch table: Azul and the Medici Card Game. Azul is a tile placement game that was published recently and that I played at our last game day. The Medici card game is a variant of Medici that makes the game a bit simpler by removing the auction aspect. This does introduce a bit more luck, but Medici was already a bit random and the new version plays much faster.

I didn’t track the amount of time it took to make either of these games. Azul was about 20 hours and Medici was about 12. Medici was so quick because I re-used almost all of the original Medici.

Azul took a little more time than I expected it to. I had to redo the player interface a couple of times and the logic for handling situations where tiles can’t be placed onto the grid were more complex than I expected. The root of the problem was that I wrote the game without really thinking through the option of playing on a free board. When I went back to include that option, I had to make a lot of changes.

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