Price Tracker – Software

I have added a new feature to my personal PriceTracker application. I can now add computer games to the wishlist and get price updates from Steam. Since Steam doesn’t have an API like Amazon, I am simply scraping their web page. This makes the application even less likely to be released, since Steam could change their page layout at any time.

Price Tracker – Watch list

The PriceTracker¬†application is mostly complete. It keeps track of products and has become a handy tool, if mostly for keeping my wishlist. I have just added a new “Item Alert” feature to the program. You give the program the name of an author or artist that you like and it will watch for new releases by that creator. Here is what the screen looks like:

Price Tracker

I am starting development of a tool that will track the price of items at I will build a wishlist of items and the program will check the price of each item daily. It will let me know if the item is on sale and what the current discount is.

There are tools online for doing the same thing, but I’d rather not enter my wishlist into a website and I’d rather not get more email.

Since the program is for my own use, I’ll add items to the tracker by going to, finding the item, and then entering the ASIN into the program.

The program will use Amazon’s Product API to get a bit of product information and the current price.

I am going to write this program in C#. I will be able to re-use quite a bit of code from my MediaDB application which also uses the Amazon Product API.