Games for sale!

We have the first set of multi-touch games ready for sale! We are going to be giving away “Bubble Defender” and selling “Concentration Sweep”, “Temple Raiding”, “Yacht” and “Solitaire Dice”. Initially, they will be for sale  at Peau Productions and bundled with tables sold by Mesa Mundi.

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Solitaire Dice AI

I spent the past week building an AI for Solitaire Dice. William created this game for the touch table from the Sid Sackson book “A gamut of games”. The game plays by rolling five dice each round. You pick one die to be the reject and then make two scoring pair from the remaining four dice. Each round you reject a number (1-6) and then score two pairs (2-12). Once you have rejected three different numbers, you always have to reject one of those three if possible. If the five dice don’t contain any of your rejects, you don’t pick a reject and make two scoring pairs from the five dice. Once you have rejected a number 8 times the game is over. Your score is based on how many times you have taken each scoring pair during the game. You lose 200 points if you have scored a number 1-4 times. 0 or 5 times is zero points. You get points for each score >5 and <10. So, the first time you pick a number it cost you 200 points, once you have taken the number five times you are back to zero. Each additional score gives you points based on the number 2 or 12=100, 3 or 11=70, 4 or 10=60, 5 or 9=50, 6 or 8=40, and 7=30. It is a fun game that you get better at as you play.

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